Workshop on Evolution Equations

24 September 2014
Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics University of Crete, and IACM-FORTH

Place: IACM-FORTH, Building C

11.30 am: D. Antonopoulou - University of Crete, Slides
12.15 pm: S. Filippas - University of Crete, Slides
13.00 pm: Lunch break
14.30 pm: S. Komineas - University of Crete, Slides
15.15 pm: S. Gustafson - University of British Columbia
16.00 pm: Coffee break
16.30 pm: I.M. Sigal - University of Toronto, Slides

Sponsored by ARISTEIA I


Organizers: D. Antonopoulou, G. Karali
Sponsored by ARISTEIA I