Cretan Waves

Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, University of Crete

9–13 October 2023

Room E.324 (directions below)


This workshop is aimed at bringing together experts in geometric hyperbolic PDE, to discuss recent developments in the field and explore future directions.

We are also thrilled to celebrate the appointment of Demetrios Christodoulou as honorary professor in the Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics at the University of Crete. The inauguration ceremony will take place on October 10 at 12:00 (amphitheater N. Petrides – entrance from the ground floor of the department).

Everyone is welcome to attend the activities without registration.


Yannis Angelopoulos (Caltech)
Marios Apetroaie (University of Münster)
Stefanos Aretakis (University of Toronto)
Lydia Bieri (University of Michigan)
Athanasios Chatzikaleas (University of Münster) (cancelled)
Dejan Gajic (University of Leipzig)
Daniel Ginsberg (City University of New York)
Mahir Hadžić (University College London)
Gemma Hood (Imperial College London)
Istvan Kadar (University of Cambridge)
Christoph Kehle (ETH Zurich)
Leonhard Kehrberger (University of Leipzig)
Warren Li (Princeton University)
Marica Minucci (Queen Mary University of London)
Georgios Moschidis (EPFL)
Achilleas Porfyriadis (University of Crete) (guest speaker)
Jacques Smulevici (Sorbonne Université)
Annalaura Stingo (Ecole Polytechnique)
Grigalius Taujanskas (University of Cambridge)
Ryan Unger (Princeton University)
Qian Wang (University of Oxford) (cancelled)

Distinguished guest:

Demetrios Christodoulou


Nikolaos Athanasiou (University of Crete)
Mihalis Dafermos (Princeton University/University of Cambridge)
Grigoris Fournodavlos (University of Crete)

Conference Schedule


Monday, October 9
10:30-11:15  Georgios Moschidis: Weak turbulence on Schwarzschild-AdS spacetime
11:15-11:35  Coffee
11:35-12:20  Annalaura Stingo: Global stability of Kaluza-Klein spacetimes
12:20-12:30  Break
12:30-13:15  Grigalius Taujanskas: Low regularity wave maps on the Einstein cylinder
13:15-14:30  Lunch
14:30-15:00  Gemma Hood: A scattering construction for the wave equation on spacetimes with negative cosmological constant
15:00-15:10  Break
15:10-15:40  Marica Minucci: On the non-linear stability of the Cosmological region of the Schwarzschild-de Sitter spacetime
Tuesday, October 10
12:00  Christodoulou's inauguration ceremony, Amphitheater N. Petrides, program (in Greek)
Wednesday, October 11
10:30-11:15  Mahir Hadžić: Construction of naked singularities for the Einstein-Euler system
11:15-11:35  Coffee
11:35-12:20  Daniel Ginsberg: The stability of model shocks and the Landau law of decay
12:20-12:30  Break
12:30-13:15  Christoph Kehle: Retiring the third law
13:15-14:30  Lunch
14:30-15:00  Ryan Unger: Extremal critical collapse
15:00-15:10  Break
15:10-15:40  Warren Li: Kasner-like behaviour in black hole interiors
Thursday, October 12
10:30-11:15  Jacques Smulevici: An overview of the initial boundary value problem in GR
11:15-11:35  Coffee
11:35-12:20  Lydia Bieri: Updates on Gravitational Waves
12:20-12:30  Break
12:30-13:15  Stefanos Aretakis: Observational signatures for extremal black holes
13:15-14:30  Lunch
14:30-15:00  Leonhard Kehrberger: The Case Against Smooth Null Infinity – The exterior of the N-body problem
15:00-15:10  Break
15:10-15:40  Istvan Kadar: Small data nonlinear wave equation numerology

20:00  Workshop Dinner
Friday, October 13
10:30-11:15  Dejan Gajic: Late-time tails and instabilities of extremal black holes
11:15-11:35  Coffee
11:35-12:20  Yannis Angelopoulos: Global constructions of impulsive gravitational waves
12:20-12:30  Break
12:30-13:15  Achilleas Porfyriadis: Extreme black hole throats: Anabasis and Accidental Symmetry
13:15-14:30  Lunch
14:30-15:00  Marios Apetroaie: On the Linear (In)stability of Extremal Reissner-Nordström


1. By taxi: Your hotel can call you a taxi. A large taxi stand can be found at Plateia Kornarou. Ask the driver to take you to "Panepistimio" and show him the pin of the math department on the map. Duration: 20 minutes.

2. Bus no. 11 (not 12!): There are regular circular routes all day long, from the city center (bus stops Plateia KornarouAgios Minas) to the university campus (bus stop Panepistimio). From there, the math department is a 2 minute walk. Duration: 30 minutes.
[For general info on bus routes: mobile app "Moovit".]

Enter the math department and look to the signs for wing E. Room E.324 is located one floor up, at the end of wing E.


1. ERC starting grant 2022, under the European Union's Horizon Europe program for research and innovation, project 101078061 SINGinGR.

2. H.F.R.I. grant, under the 3rd call for H.F.R.I. research projects to support post-doctoral researchers, project no. 7126.

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