Numerical Methods for Evolution  Equations

Heraklion, Crete,  20-21 September 2002




9:20-9:30              Opening




Michel CrouzeixAround a von Neumann theorem

Alexander Ostermann, Stability of operator splitting

Cesar PalenciaA differentiable, non-holomorphic calculus for elliptic operators
                                    in divergence form



Coffee break


Ian Sloan, A non-time-stepping approach to parabolic problems

            Anita HansboUnfitted FEM's, based on Nitsche's method, for interface problems and mesh patching

            Nicolai Bakaev, Parabolic problems with distribution-valued initial data under



Lunch break


VidarThomeeResolvent estimates in L_p for discrete Laplacians on irregular meshes

Rolf GrigorieffResolvent estimates for second order differential operators,
                                    a continuation



Coffee break


Benoit PerthameRate of convergence in the viscosity method without BV bounds

Alain LeRouxOn Hyperbolic Systems with a Source Term

Theodoros KatsaounisSecond order kinetic schemes for the St. Venant system








Georgios Akrivis,Galerkin time-stepping schemes for nonlinear parabolic equations

Raphaele HerbinMathematical study of a petroleum-engineering schemefor a system of nonlinear parabolic equations

Marie-Noelle LeRouxNumerical Solutions to Slow Diffusion Problems



Coffee break


Jacques RappazAbout a phase field model for the solidification of a binary alloy

Michael PlexousakisNumerical investigation of blow-up phenomena associated
                                    with a nonlinear heat equation

Andreas KaragheorgisAn efficient spectral collocation algorithm for the solution
                                    of the Helmholtz equation in a rectangle



Lunch break


Stig Larsson, Error estimates for a finite element approximation of a stochastic
                                    parabolic partial differential equation

Mario Ohlberger,Higher order finite volume methods on selfadaptive grids for convection

                        dominated reactive transport problems in porous media

Georgios ZourarisA finite difference method for the 'parabolic' equation with a
                                    dynamical boundary condition


Coffee break



Thierry GallouetHomogenization and numerical schemes

Giuseppe SavareError estimates for the variational formulation of evolution
                                    equations through the Wasserstein distance

Charalambos MakridakisA posteriori estimates for a class of time-stepping schemes