Department of Mathematics & Applied Mathematics    

University of Crete, Heraklion

Voutes Campus

GR 710 03 Heraklion, Greece




Institute of Applied and Computational Mathematics (IACM)

Foundation for Research & Technology-Hellas (FORTH)

Nikolaou Plastira 100, Vassilika Vouton,

GR 700 13 Heraklion, Crete



Contact info:

tel. Dept. Math. Appl. Math., Univ. Crete: +30 2810 393708

tel. IACM-FORTH: +30 2810 391777

fax +30 2810 393701 




Curriculum vitae (CV)


Research interests

Wave propagation

Inverse scattering

Mechanics, acoustics, geophysics

Asymptotic techniques

Applied partial differential equations



Selection of publications


G.A. Athanassoulis and G.N. Makrakis , 

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Applicable Analysis, Vol. 54, No. 3-4, pp. 283-303, 1994.



T. Katsaounis, G.T. Kossioris and G.N. Makrakis, 

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S. Yu. Dobrokhotov, G. N. Makrakis, V. E. Nazaikinskii and T. Ya. Tudorovskii,

"New formulas for Maslov’s canonical operator in a neighborhood of focal points

and caustics in 2D semiclassical asymptotics",

Theoretical and Mathematical Physics, Vol. 177, No. 3, pp. 1579-1605, 2013.


S. Yu. Dobrokhotov, G.N. Makrakis and V.E.Nazaiksinskii, 

"Maslov’s Canonical Operator, Hörmander’s Formula, and 

Localization of Berry–Balazs’ Solution in the Theory of Wave Beams", 

Theoretical and Mathematical Physics, Vol. 180, No. 3, pp. 162-182, 2014.






E.K. Kalligiannaki and G.N. Makrakis,

Perturbation solutions of the semiclassical Wigner equation



P. D. Karageorge and G.N. Makrakis,

Asymptotic solutions of the Phase Space Schrodinger equaiton: Anisotropic Gaussian approximation  


G.N. Makrakis,

Formal asymptotic expansion of the Faddeev-Green function in unbounded domains


K.S. Giannopoulou & G.N. Makrakis,

An approximate series solution of the semiclassical Wigner equation






Spring semester 2021:

Methods of Applied Mathematics (graduate course)