[alogo] Bezier On Quadrangle

Ilustration of the User-Tool [ BezierCurve ].
1) Construct a quadrangle ABCD.
2) Compile the user-tool [ EUC_Scripts\EUC_User_Tools\Bezier.txt ].
3) Select the tool from the menu item [User-Defined\User-Created-Tools\BezierCurve].
4) Click on the four vertices of the quadrangle. Creates the Bezier-Curve with the vertices as control points.


And a more general Bezier curve, consisting of several Bezier-arcs, put together at the join-points A, B, C, .... The curve is constructed immediately, using the corresponding tool of EucliDraw. The lines at the control points-joins of the arcs represent the tangents and the points on these tangents are additional control points.

[0_0] [0_1]
[1_0] [1_1]

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Duncan Marsh. Applied Geometry for Computer Graphics and CAD Berlin, Springer, 1999, p. 135

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