[alogo] Hart's exact straight-line mechanism

Transforms rotational movement of point B to straight-line movement of points H and F. H and F move on two orthogonal lines passing through the center of rotation A. Link [ABE] rotates about the fixed A. Links have constant length. The point D is fixed and the following relations hold:
1) AB = BC, AD = DA
2) CG = GF, AE = EH = EF
3) Triangles AEF and FGC are similar
4) Angle BCF is orthogonal

The points of FH describe ellipses. Set pens to various other points to see their trajectories.
The length of link AB is modified by moving I (with the select-on-contour) tool: CTRL+2).
The length of link AD is modified by moving D (again with the select-on-contour tool).


Inspired from the book of Ivan Artobolevsky: Mechanisms in Modern Engineering Design bd I, p. 469, Mir Publishers, Moskow 1975.

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