[alogo] Soliton interference

In this example we construct the graph of two functions y1 = F1(x) = A1/(1+(B1-x)^2), y2 = F2(x) = A2/(1+(B2-x)^2) and their sum y = y1 + y2 . The functions involve two parameters B1, B2 which are controlled by the two corresponding motors. The construction-details for each function are exposed in the document Soliton.html . The sum-function F(x) = F1(x)+F2(x) is given by the red curve. Activating one or both motors, results in variation of B1 or/and variation of B2. The resulting animation shows how the two solitons, corresponding to the two functions, vary and how they interfere i.e. how behaves their sum.

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