[alogo] Vecten Configuration (2)

On the sides of triangle t=(ABC) erect squares.
The lines AL, BM and CN, joining the vertices with the centers of the opposite squares, pass all through a point K. This is a particular instance of a more general property:
On the sides of the triangle erect isosceli triangles similar to a given isosceles triangle t'. Then the lines joining each vertex of t with the apex of the opposite isosceles pass through a common point K. All these points K, resulting by changing the shape of t', lie on the [Kiepert Hyperbola]. A rectangular hyperbola passing through the vertices of the triangle, the orthocenter and other remarkable points of the triangle.

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The file Vecten.html introduces the subject and discusses the first properties of the Vecten configuration of an arbitrary triangle.

For a further study of the subject look at the file: Vecten3.html .

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