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Lecture Notes by local (and formerly local) authors available online

Everything is in Greek and in Postscript format, unless otherwise noted. Documents in PDF format are sometimes scanned, hand-written notes, and may be very large.

Author Title of Lectures
G. Akrivis Linear Algebra
J. Antoniadis Applied Algebra (zip file containg MS Word documents)
J. Antoniadis Cryptography
J. Antoniadis Representations of finite groups
J. Antoniadis Number Theory in the 17th and 18th centuries
J. Antoniadis Elliptic curves (Mordell's Theorem)
J. Antoniadis L-series
K. Athanasopoulos Poincare-Bendixson Theory
K. Athanasopoulos Rotation numbers in dynamical systems
K. Athanasopoulos The gradient structure of flows
K. Athanasopoulos Hyperbolic Geometry
K. Athanasopoulos Notes on Ergodic Theory of Dynamical Systems from a Geometric Point of view (in English)
K. Athanasopoulos Multi-variable Calculus (PDF/ Kb)
K. Athanasopoulos and D. Gatzouras Egrodic Theory (PDF/ Kb)
I. Deliyanni and A. Giannopoulos Real Analysis
V. Felouzis Ring Theory
V. Felouzis Logic
D. Gatzouras Probability on Trees: An introductory Climb
A. Giannopoulos and S. Papadopoulou Convex Analysis
A. Giannopoulos Notes on isotropic convex bodies
A. Giannopoulos Functional Analysis
A. Giannopoulos Functional Analysis II (graduate)
A. Giannopoulos Introduction to Analysis I
A. Giannopoulos Convex Geometric Analysis (in English)
A. Giannopoulos Number Theory
V. Dougalis A. Hadjidimos and D. Noutsos Numerical Linear Algebra
M. Kolountzakis Discrete Matematics (PDF)
M. Kolountzakis Formal Languages (HTML)
M. Kolountzakis Introduction to Computing in C (HTML)
T. Mitsis Graduate Complex Analysis (PDF/ Kb)
M. Papadimitrakis Calculus I (PDF/ Kb)
M. Papadimitrakis Fourier Series (PDF/ Kb)
M. Papadimitrakis Introduction to Analysis II (PDF/ Kb)
S. Pichorides Calculus I (PDF/ Kb)
K. Skandalis Logic (PDF/ Kb)
K. Skandalis Set Theory (PDF/ Kb)
N. Tzanakis Group Theory (PDF/ Kb)
N. Tzanakis Algebraic Number Theory (PDF/ Kb)
N. Tzanakis Fields and Galois Theory
N. Tzanakis Rings and Fields (PDF/ Kb)
N. Tzanakis Linear Algebra II (PDF/ Kb)
E. Vavalis Numerical Methods (HTML)
Translator Title of Lectures
N. Tzanakis Number Theory (PDF/ Kb)