Photos of the euroconference!

General Information

The euroconference will focus on the mathematical techniques for studying spatial aspects in development. Particular biological topics that will be addressed include cell division, cell migration (e.g. cell chemotaxis) and cell differentiation. Mathematical concepts that can be applied to such problems, and will be addressed by the euroconference, include: Cellular automata, stochastic processes, PDEs and analysis of equation-free systems.

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The aims of the euroconference are to:

Organizers: Andreas Deutsch, Daphne Manoussaki, Benoit Perthame.

Local organizing committee: Daphne Manoussaki, Thodoros Katsaounis, Konstadia Lika, Souzana Papadopoulou, Michael Plexousakis, Alexis Kouvidakis

Photos of the euroconference!

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