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The main properties of the (inner) bisector lines of the angles of a triangle are:
[1] Each is the geometric locus of points equidistant from the sides of the angle it bisects.
[2] The three bisectors intersect at a point I, center of the incircle of the triangle.
[3] The trace of a bisector on the opposite side divides it at ratio equal to the ratio of the sides  of the angle it  bisects.
[4] The same is true for the trace on the opposite side of the external bisector: A*B/A*C=AB/AC and similarly for the
      other traces B* and C* (of the external bisectors). Hence on each side the two traces (internal/external) of the          
      bisectors are harmonic conjugate (see Harmonic.html ) with respect to the vertices on this  side.
[5] The pedal ( Pedal.html ) triangle IaIbIc of I (its projections on the sides) has angles (π-A)/2, (π-B)/2, (π-C)/2.
[6] The external bisectors of the angles cut the opposite sides at three collinear points A*, B*, C*. The line       
      containingA*,B*,C* is the trilinear polar (see TrilinearPolar.html ) of I.

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[1] A point I on the bisector defines by its projections Ib, Ic on the sides two equal right angled triangles AIIb and AIIc. Thus
[2] Assume I is the intersection point of the bisectors at B and C. Then IIc=IIa (bisector at B) and IIa=IIb (bisector at C). Hence
      IIc = IIb i.e. I is on the bisector of A.
[3-4] Let B' be the intersection point of the parallel BB' to the bisector AD. Triangle ABB' is isosceles and by the parallelity of BB'
         to AD: BD/DC = B'A/AC = AB/AC. The proof for the external bisector is analogous. The statement on the harmonicity is a
[5] AIcIIb is a cyclic quadrangle hence angle(IcIIb) = π-A etc..
[6] Given that A*B/A*C = AB/AC, B*C/B*A=BC/BA, C*A/C*B=CA/CB, apply Menealaus theorem ( Menelaus.html ) etc.. The
     harmonicity cited is a sufficient condition for A*, B*, C* in order to be on the trilinear polar of I (see reference below). The
     triangle formed by the intersection points of two external and one internal bisector is examined in Bisector1.html .
     With the bisectors are related the incircle and the excircles of the triangle. Some properties of them are studied in
     the file Incircle.html .

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