Spyridon Kamvissis

Professor of Integrable Systems in Mathematical Physics, University of Crete
Member, Institute of Applied and Computational Mathematics, Foundation for Research & Technology - Hellas (FORTH)
Office: Δ338, Mathematics Building, 70013 Voutes, Greece
Tel: +30 2810 393714
E-mail: Spyridon "dot" Kamvissis "at" amias "dot" ias "dot" edu


Ph.D., Courant Institute, 1991

Habilitation, University of Paris VII (Jussieu), 1996

Research and Selected Publications

My research has focused mostly on infinite dimensional Hamiltonian systems that admit a Lax pair or a zero curvature condition and can be studied via an inverse scattering/spectral method. These systems are often called completely integrable and generalise the finite dimensional Liouville-Arnold integrable systems. They form an important subclass of the general class of nonlinear differential systems; they have special extra structure and can thus be treated in more detail. They are nonetheless ubiquitous and offer a particular window to the understanding of several archetypal phenomena: solitons, dispersive shocks, the modulational instability. I have been particularly interested in mathematically rigorous treatments of asymptotic problems like the investigation of long time asymptotics, semiclassical (or small dispersion) high frequency asymptotics and continuum limits of solutions of initial and initial-boundary value problems for nonlinear dispersive partial differential equations and nonlinear lattices, with particular attention to sophisticated "universal" models displaying instabilities. I have used and extended techniques from PDE theory, complex analysis, harmonic analysis, potential theory and algebraic geometry. Along the way, I have made contributions to the analysis of Riemann-Hilbert factorisation problems on the complex plane or a hyperelliptic Riemann surface and the related theory of variational problems for Green potentials with harmonic external fields. In a sense I have worked on a "nonlinear/non-commutative microlocal analysis" that generalises the classical theory of stationary phase and steepest descent; for a detailed exposition of this point of view see this review article.
A motivation for this line of research is the conviction that unstable behavior should be first understood in the context of universal integrable theory if possible. Instability should not be avoided as something ill-posed and unphysical, but rather its study should be encouraged even for practical reasons: unstable regions is exactly where numerical observations fail.

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A.F.Pallas Analysis Prize of the Academy of Athens (2016)

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