Nonlinear Dynamics in Condensed Matter

Our field of research extends across Topological Phenomena in Condensed Matter Physics. The great potential of topology for the understanding of physical phenomena has been recognised in many ways in the last years, notably by the 2016 Nobel Prize in Physics awarded for "Topological Phases of Matter". Our group aims to be a leader in the area of nonlinear dynamics in condened matter systems.

Currently, our main focus is on magnetism and magnetic materials. The micromagnetic structure of magnetic materials shows a rich variety of patterns at the meso- to nano-scale. These are studied in their fundamental physical and mathematical aspects. Academic studies are combined with a strong technological interest from a large industry on magnetic materials that includes magnetic storage, Magnetoresistive-RAM applications, spin-torque oscillators, magnetic diodes, etc. We study the statics and dynamics of topological magnetic solitons and these include domain walls, vortices, bubbles and chiral skyrmions.

We have been working on solitons, quantized vortices and vortex rings in Bose-Einstein Condensates (BEC). This includes cold atoms (atomic BECs) and polariton BECs.

We have worked with groups on nonlinear disordered systems, nematic liequid crystals, and on solitons in a cosmological context.

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