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I like reading but I like also writing. There are lots of notes and drafts used in mylectures. Most of them are in Greek. The following books grew up from lectures. They are in reality notes, short and informative, with many topics discussed in the exercises.

From the second and the fourth I have only one reprint. Geometry is still available and Fortran IV(1961) is now on ... Fortran 2000. Anyway, I use it now and then for the algorithms and formulas it contains. The fourth book was inspired from the lectures of my friend Hans Samelson on Lie-Groups. Stimulated from his lectures, I studied the classification of semi-simple Lie Groups, which is reducible to the classification of their corresponding Lie-Algebras. At that time fascinated me the cooperation of Algebra, Geometry and Topology conveing to this beautiful classification.

Gilbert Strang, Linear Algebra with applications, published as

Γραμμική Αλγεβρα και Εφαρμογές, Πανεπιστημιακές Εκδόσεις Κρήτης 1995

University of Bonn (Research Fellow, Instructor), University of Cologne (Research Fellow), University of Essen (Instructor), Univ. of Crete, Dept. of Mathematics (Instructor, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor) University of Cyprus(visiting professor)