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Proceedings of the

2nd International Conference on the
Teaching of Mathematics
(at the undergraduate level)

University of Crete

1 – 6 July 2002

Hersonissos, Crete

Organising Committee

Ignatios Vakalis (Chair)
Deborah Hughes Hallett (Co-chair)
Christos Kourouniotis (Co-chair)
Douglas Quinney (Co-chair)
Constantinos Tzanakis (Co-chair)

International Program Committee

Themes of the Conference

Academic Sponsors

by the Organizing Committee

Jean Pierre Bourguignon New Challenges in the Teaching of Mathematics 
Peter Galbraith "Life wasn't meant to be easy": Separating wheat from chaff in Technology Aided Learning 
Miguel de Guzman The role of Visualization in the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics
Oh Nam Kwon Conceptualizing the realistic Mathematics Education approach in the teaching and learning of Ordinary Differential Equations 
Joanna Mamona-Downs Accessing knowledge for problem solving  
Verdiana Grace Masanja Mathematics and other disciplines: The impact of modern Mathematics in other disciplines 
Alan H.Schoenfeld Looking for leverage: issues of classroom research on "Algebra for All"  
Man-Keung Siu "Algorithmic Mathematics" and "Dialectic Mathematics": The "Yin" and "Yang" in Mathematics Education 
David A .Smith  How people learn … Mathematics 
Tosun Terzioglu A Human Achievement: Mathematics without Boundaries  


Fulvia Furinghetti Panel: On the role of the History of Mathematics in Mathematics Education 
Derek Holton Panel: TEACHING UNDERGRADUATE MATHEMATICS, based on the corresponding ICMI study
William Schmidt Panel: WHY SCHOOL MATHEMATICS MATTER, a cross country (TIMSS) examination of curriculum and learning  
William Yslas Velez Panel: "Mathematics is for All" 

Presentations at the Conference, alphabetically by first Author

Presentations at the Conference, by Theme

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